North Central Jurisdiction Hispanic Caucus Endorses Traditional Plan

The North Central Jurisdiction Hispanic Caucus met in Monroe, Wisconsin, on September 21-22. They met under the theme Transformed to Transform the World. The group discussed the three plans recommended to the special General Conference next February. They approved to support the Traditional Plan prepared by the Way Forward Commission. Pastors and lay leaders from Hispanic congregations from Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio came together for their 34th annual gathering.

This is a significant action because the national Hispanic caucus (MARCHA – Metodistas Asociados Representados la Causa Hispano Americano) is a member of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition promoting the full acceptance of LGBT persons, same-sex marriage, and ordination in the UM Church. Hispanic United Methodists across the country are not agreed in their discernment of the way forward.






  1. Dennis fink says:

    Point of observation. All marriage in Bible were male and female.
    Point of observation. All gay couples have one who is female in actions/attitudes and one is male by dress/actions
    By our very nature we sense the need of male/female.

    There are over a dozen scriptures which oppose male/male or female/female relationships

    There are scriptures which condemn any sex outside of a male/female marriage.

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